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My name is Çiğdem (pronounced Cheedem) I was born in 1965 in Konacik, a small village close to the popular sea-side resort city of Bodrum in South Western Turkey. Together with my husband/business partner we are the owners of Fraser's Olive Garden Retreat.

I consider my life to have been divided into two eras, one before and one after March 17, 2016. Exactly like BCE and CE. The memories of my life up to this date are mainly associated with my grandfather, my beautiful family and a peaceful home.

Since 2016, together with my companion, colleague, life partner, business partner, teacher and knowledge bank; in short, my other half, my dear husband Cliff Fraser, since which date we have grown up and developed together following a path of enlightenment.

I have developed myself following the teachings of my precious Master Sri Prem Baba, who always seemed to be in tune with me, the change in me has filled me with an enthusiasm that I want to share with everyone. I knew the task was to connect with the here and now, to discover aspects others don't see and to awaken love in everyone.

At first I wanted to be a Breathing Therapy Coach, I then realized I also had to take care of my own body, so I combined the five movements of Tibet Yoga and practiced them every morning. One day by chance I came across the following precious words by George Ohsawa.

"If a healthy body and mind can bring happiness, the greatest happiness is gained by giving it to others...
Such happiness leads to eternal freedom and eternal peace"..

These words had a very profound effect on me and I started researching with my husband, both of us deciding to transition towards a Macrobiotic nutrition lifestyle.

My husband developed cancer in 2010, and for ten years after being cured we attended six monthly hospital check-ups. At a check-up in 2018 after a routine blood check the doctors said that they thought there must have been a mistake with the samples taken because they saw blood results very different from the values they expected, they wanted to do the blood analysis again. We couldn't help but laugh, we knew exactly why, we had recently completed the Ohsawa ten day, grain only blood detox regime.

The re-run of the blood analysis resulted in the same unexpectedly high-values. After this confirmation of the benefits of a healthy eating regime we chose to continue with our Macrobiotic lifestyle as part of our new 'Philosophy of Life'. Let's not fill the inside of our precious body with garbage, pay attention to the quality of your life by paying attention to what you eat, I have now made it my mission in life to share my thoughts and discoveries with everyone who is prepared to listen.

Since my breathing sessions take place on an individual basis, the number of people I can help is limited. Since I want to help as many people as possible, of all ages, yoga and group dance therapy combined with breathing techniques as a supplement to my personal breathing sessions allows me to reach more people.

What will come next? Well, I don't know where the wind will take me, all I know is;
I love what Is and I accept what Is....

With Love, Namaste
Cigdem Sari Fraser

You can call me on +90 532 296 6491
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