Dance Therapy

Dance Therapy

Our body is naturally rhythmic, our heart beat and our breathing is in tune with our state of activity, Our waking and sleeping cycle is in tune with the rotation of the planet we have evolved on, our bodies are on tune with the rhythmic cycles of the Moon and the Planets.

The regular beat of music stirs our bodies into synchronization with the music, most of which is within the frequency range of the heartbeat.

Rhythmic music has been used by human beings since the beginning of human existence, from the pounding of sticks on taught animal skins to the sophisticated electronic rhythms of today.

Music creates soundscapes that encourage the dynamic movements of the body in sympathy with the beat. Indeed many modern genres of music include the sub-genre, 'Trance'

Meditation Trance

Psbient Trance

Repetitive rhythm over prolonged periods can induce a sense of sympathy with the music that can lead to a state of deep meditation.

To fully appreciate the benefits of dance therapy it's essential to attain a level of peak bodily performance that can only be achieved with proper and balanced nutrition and regular, broad spectrum exercise.

As you dance, be aware of your existence, change your feelings, connect with the music, change your thoughts, change your life.

During Dance Therapy you will:

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Learn to focus and concentrate
  • Increase body flexibility
  • Develop proper posture and balance
  • Fine-tune coordination
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Develop your creativity
  • Increase your awareness


What We Will Do During the Dance Therapy Sessions:

We will use our Hara Energy/Body, Balanced-Breath and Energy Harmony. A Day for your Body, take time for yourself, wee will balance the body and the mind. The Hara Chakra is an energy center that holds our relational, creative, and sexual energies, it sits within the pelvic region of the body.

Body Balance - How to Control Breath and Energy:

  • Using unique combinations of Zen breathing and energy movements.
  • Balancing our breath energy (it is the key to balancing our body and consciousness).
  • As this balance expands you will begin to experience the sense of harmony that flows naturally from a balanced body.
  • You will feel more comfortable and quiet during meditation that naturally flows into your daily life.
  • When the methods designed to support individual self-understanding are combined with awareness techniques, the changes will start very intensely and very quickly

A Day for the Body

  • Our body is a door between our inner self and our perception of what is happening around us. Using body awareness techniques we can discover how we are connected from within and without.
  • If we act constantly within ourselves and become aware of this natural flow of energy, we discover ways to divide ourselves into the present earth so that love can flow and we can only be LOVE.

Mind-Body Balance

This is a self-help method, offering a clear strategy to discover the simplest ways to be aware of your body and your mind.

Using awareness techniques that include energy transformation, Yin and Yang balance and understanding our emotional states, we discover how to ground ourselves in the body that makes it our home base. From here we can follow both the body and mind and give it an important place in our daily life.

How to Make Dance Therapy?

Group sessions are conducted in a large hall while individual sessions may be in a comfortable room. Various styles on music are played depending on the purpose of the session.

It's a program that combines education and music. The total of the training is conducted over a period of 4 weeks consisting of two hours for each session.

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