Fraser's Olive Garden Retreat

About Us

Frasers Olive Garden Retreat is wholly owned and operated by Cliff and Cigdem Fraser. Our home is located in the nearby village off Comlekci.

In 1997 we established one of the first online travel agencies in Turkey dealing with all aspects of tourism in Turkey and Greece. Our agency operated successfully for twenty five years until the outbreak of CoVid19 in 2021 at which point all international inquiries came to a sudden halt.

Fortunately at this time Cigdem had already started teaching Yoga and other wellness therapies part time from our home studio. So CoVid for us was the push we needed to transition, albeit abruptly, towards an alternative pursuit.

Our 22 hectare Olive Grove located adjacent to the village of Dorttepe was the perfect location at which to establish a 'Retreat', set upon a sloping hillside facing south towards a lush green valley and views of the sea to the west.

More information about the services we provide together with details of all upcoming events are available on our INSTAGRAM channel and our other social media platforms below: Or you can make an initial contact HERE.

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