Breathing Therapy

Breath is Life..

In the beginning there was neither presence nor absence
The whole world was pure, unborn energy
Nature evolved into life and breathed
Without her breath, there was nothing
Without her power, there was nothing
The song of grateful existence rose up
Would you like to give yourself a one-time chance?
Let us explore natural breathing together..

I dicovered the benefits of controlled breathing on March 17, 2016 and from that date changes started to take place in all aspects of my life. After controlled breathing sessions my diet changed naturally and after practising five Yoga movements , every morning, my body re-distributed muscle strength and improved flexibility. All these changes made me look at life from a different angle and questions about my lifestyle and existence began to flower.

What is Natural Breathing?

During our natural breathing excercises we aim to return you to your the natural breathing state you had as a baby. This will provide you with positive changes first physically, then emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Purposeful breathing techniques increase our life energy on a physical level, strengthens our immune system, muscles and the whole body, It also increases the oxygen supply to the blood.

On the mental level it eliminates negative thoughts, increases concentration, strengthens intelligence and memory. It allows us to look at life from a higher level of awareness, and expands our vision. The mind that chatters all the time is now replaced by quietly savouring in the moment. On a spiritual level, it allows us to find true happiness, joy, and fulfillment. It brings quality to life at all levels in our live and elevates our potential.

Why Natural Breathing Is Important

During recent years reasearch has shown that purposeful breathing can:

  • Remove up to 70% of the toxins in our body.
  • Has a natural detoxification effect.
  • Help heart patients who significantly practice diaphragmatic breathing regain their health, lower high blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
  • Affect the bodys internal organs and strengthen the abdomen through a massaging effect induced by the surrounding muscles.

At the End of the Natural Breathing Experience

To be in harmony with life, to enjoy life, in balance, being able to look at things clearly. Living relationships to the fullest, with determination, healthy, joyful, peaceful, trusting, loving and enjoying creative freedom. We gain the ability to achieve anything we desire.

We experience energy, vitality, youthfulness, joyfulness, a healthy body and happiness. It is possible to acheive all this by practising and developing your breathing techniques every day.

Our services include meditation, controlled breathing techniques, healthy nutritional eating, yoga practices and indoctrination detox.

We really look forward to the possibility of welcoming you as an individual or as a group and having the opportunity to perhaps guide everyone towards a more peaceful, healthy and joyful way of life.

More information about the services we provide together with details of all upcoming events are available on our INSTAGRAM channel and our other social media platforms below: Or you can make an initial contact HERE.


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