Fraser's Olive Garden Retreat


Therapies and Practices

Free Yoga is practiced every morning at 07:00. Various levels of yoga are taught depending on the course in progress.

Controlled breathing exercises are practiced as a stand-alone course or as part of another therapy.

A course leading to an appreciation of the importance of 'frequencies' in everyday life. We use genuine Tibetan bowls to produce sounds of specific healing frequencies.

Meditation forms part of every therapy we offer. Our facilities and gardens provide many places for either group or personal meditation. Our retreat is in a quiet, country location, away from bustling city sounds and traffic.

We combine dance therapy as part of our other therapies as a way to get in tune with the natural rhythm of the body.

Healthy Eating
Information about the benefits of healthy eating are included as part of all our 'well-being' courses. All meals served at our retreat are either vegetarian or vegan. all vegetables and fruits are grown in our own gardens or sourced from local markets.

Information about the services we provide together with details of all upcoming events are available on our INSTAGRAM channel and our other social media platforms below: Or you can make an initial contact HERE.


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  • View West..

  • Natural Rock Outcrop..

  • Swimming Pool Looking West..

  • Pool and Yoga Chalet..

  • Yoga Chalet Garden Looking East..

  • View East from Top Yoga Lawn..

  • Cactus Garden - East View..

  • Upper Rock Outcrop with Biscuit and Suki..

  • View South of Valley and Sea..

  • Meditation Loft Looking West..

  • Gardens next to Forest House No:3..