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Silent Retreat - Vipasana Meditation


What is a Vipasana Meditation Silent Retreat?

Vipasana Meditation and a Silent Retreat are two separate 'wellbeing' disicplines thet can be practised together in a single course experience.

Here at the Olive Garden Retreat we offer Silent Retreats based on the time limits requested by our attendees that can range from two to five days. Longer retreats can be arranged upon request.

There are many sources of information on the Internet about the benefits of both Vipasana Meditation and Silent Retreats which you should spend some time reading in order to prepare yourself in advance.

Following the arrival of all the attendees the teacher will give a briefing of the course format and the rules that apply. No communication means no talking for the duration of the period of 'silence', that means 24/24 hours, no talking to other participants and only brief communication with the teacher by written notes. Definitely NO MOBILE PHONES, for the duration,. emergengy communication from outside must be via the teacher.

Very briefly, Vipasana is the oldest of Buddhist meditation practices for enhancing 'mindfulness'. Vipasana means “seeing things as they really are” or, observing your thoughts and emotions without judging or dwelling on them.

A Silent Retreat is a period of time during which you don't communicate with anyone, it's that simple. Well, perhaps not that simple. For most people the thought of not communicating with those around you is daunting. And for most people, overcoming the feeling of being rude by not communicating is one of the major difficulties to overcome. Coming to the realization that all the other participants feel the same way at first helps you to adjust to a situation that is very new and strange.

During the Silent Retreat, in addition to Vipasana Meditation you may also, depending on the length of the course, be taught the benefits of Purposeful Breathing, Sound Healing and/or other well-being practices. 

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