Fraser's Olive Garden Retreat


Gardens and Landscaping

In November 2021 when we started development of our Olive Grove into a Yoga and Meditation Center it was was overgrown with wild bushes, trees and undergrowth.

During 2022 we cleared all the unwanted foliage and commenced planting additional olive trees, various fruit trees, established two vegetable gardens, lawns and general landscaping. All the existing olive trees were pruned and many were grafted to produce different varieties of black and green olives.

Due to the sloping terrain we also constructed a number of natural stone retaining walls to provide some level terraces connected by stone steps.

The climate in this region of Turkey results in very rapid growth of most plants resulting in rapid establishment of of the lawns and vegetable gardens.

Information about the services we provide together with details of all upcoming events are available on our INSTAGRAM channel and our other social media platforms below: Or you can make an initial contact HERE.


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  • View West..

  • Natural Rock Outcrop..

  • Swimming Pool Looking West..

  • Pool and Yoga Chalet..

  • Yoga Chalet Garden Looking East..

  • View East from Top Yoga Lawn..

  • Cactus Garden - East View..

  • Upper Rock Outcrop with Biscuit and Suki..

  • View South of Valley and Sea..

  • Meditation Loft Looking West..

  • Gardens next to Forest House No:3..